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Today was my first day using any kind of Apple product ever! Thanks to Kiki's expertise, it went really well. I learned some basic things like how to turn the device on, how to interact with the applications. It was a great start! - Dan Favata 6/7/11

Today was my first day swiping and figuring out costs. I'm determined to make the $30 allotment go a long way, so am scavenging and searching for free Apps. -Linda Vasu

I am continuing to figure out how to navigate around the iPad. It is a lot of fun and I am learning a lot! - Dan Favata 6/8/11

Since we left school last week, I have been looking at a lot of different sites listing various Apps that are used in schools. My feelings today are mixed (June 13). Still trying to wrap my brain around why one would use an iPad and not a netbook for example.Both are small and light. Just like Linda, I am determined to use the $30 wisely. So far, I've only downloaded free Apps. Andrea Whitton

I see the iPad as a great tool for use in the LS classrooms. I am finding wonderful Apps in all areas of the curriculum even blogging for the younger ones. (Kathy Dunn)

I agree with Kathy that there are so many great Apps for the LS especially! Although a notebook is great and needed, building technology in the classroom and allowing our kids to have the best of what is out there is only going to help them when they leave Sacred Heart. It's also another way to reach all learners and make class time more interesting! (P. Harris)

While the ipad applications for use in the lower school classroom are varied, off the top it looks as though many of the apps allow for practice and skill building. I would like to find other ways to truly integrate the use of this technology. For example, students creating their own work on the ipads (epublishing), which would require use of both the ipad and the macs together. I hope to figure out some ways to do this over the summer! (Beth Carlucci)

I love my ipad! So many great apps for the lower school! I agree with Beth, I would also like to find ways to use the ipad as a tool for creating independent work, specifically writing pieces and presenting research projects. (Courtney DePeter)

Google Docs will allow for this...check it out.. (Kathy Dunn)

I know I'm late to add to the getting started page but I have just managed to get internet up and running-Technology is not high on the list out here (not my list-the island's list)! I am just beginning to browse the apps -Is this where I should be blogging? (Marion K)