Sadun’s Whiteboard (iTunes Link) is an iPad app that sells for $.99 in the iTunes App Store. It turns your iPad into a live whiteboard presentation screen when used with Apple’s VGA adapter or composite/component video-out cables. (Kathy Dunn)

Early Childhood

Bird Book : Learn about different birds and hear the sounds they make. (Kathy Dunn)

Shape Puzzle: is a jigsaw puzzle especially designed for little kids. After you complete a picture, a cute turtle will pops out and tell you the name of the object you just assembled. What's more, each object belongs to a certain scene and after you finish all the items, a vivid scene appears! (K Dunn)

Finger Count : child simply touches the screen with fingers and it counts the taps as well as showing the numbers up to 100. (K Dunn)

Alphabet Match: just like it says. Matching letters of the alphabet. (K Dunn)

iWritewords : (Handwriting game) great for PreS-Kinder (K Dunn)

ABC tracer: Handwriting practice game (R Koles)

Moving Picture Books: Simple books are read and animated. I downloaded the free books, which did not show the words, but possibly books that are purchased do show the words. (R Koles)

Build A Word: Students match letters to a given word. Teachers can add to the imbedded vocabulary to include words from classroom stories, etc. (M. Schmidt)

Two by Two: Memory cards (M. Schmidt)
ABC Magnetic Toys for Kids: Building blocks (M. Schmidt)
Fish School: Early learning for letterss, shapes, and numbers (M. Schmidt)

Cat in the Hat: The classic children's book read to you or options to read it yourself. (M. Schmidt)

Language Arts:

Spell Blocks: I bought this app after playing it with a child. It allows the student to build sight words using blocks the same way they use letter tiles. It is interactive and after each word is build there is a celebration on the screen. There are multiple word lists organized by level and they can be modified based on words each child knows. I like that you could build varying word lists for different children in your classroom with each child participating and practicing at their level. (S Grogan)

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Confer Lite: During the Teachers College workshop, we were told about this App to keep our conferring notes on the Ipad. I haven't used it, but everyone who has seems to like it. It makes keeping notes easy because it will flag students for you who have similar or the same goals to work on during WW. This way you know who you can pull for small group conferencing. (Patti Harris) This is great! You can make a class list and then take notes for each students in multiple subjects. I believe confer lite limits you to 10 students - if you buy the confer app there aren't limitations with the number of students. (R Koles)

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQPEQnxfpkoNaE2MxjARH3wAUgMPJieuJBmkQ2e0CY1WDKT4ooA
Word Bingo: Sight Word from DOLCH list. This app has four different games in one app! There is Word Bingo and the student has to find the word that is said. There is also a spelling game. This was good because you had the option of turning on the "hint" which would be good for Kindergarten. There is also a Word Fling game and a Word it up game. The range for this app is pre-primer to third. It also has games for just nouns. (Patti Harris)

Phonics Lite: It is available as a sample for free, but it works on short vowel sounds and could be used at Center Time. (Sarah Grogan)

Letters Lite: Also available as a sample. Match letters and will reveal the sound and a key word. Good for younger kids. (R Koles)

Strip Designer: Turn your photos into entertaining comic strips. Add text balloons and boxes to your pictures. Give your photos a hand-drawn effect to make them look like a real comic book. great for storyboards, sequencing etc. (K Dunn)

Toontastic: Create digital stories. (K Dunn)

Puppet Pals: story creator that you can record the child's voice on. (K Dunn)

SpellBoard: used at GA. Teacher-generated word list. You can share/upload the files: 1) create on your ipad 2)save it to a dedicated Mac 3) sync to additional ipads (Beth Carlucci)

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Montessori Crosswords-Teach and Learn Spelling: 300 words to choose from. Level 1 displays simple beginner words. Levels 2 and 3 contain multi-word crosswords. This App also includes a moveable alphabet for open-ended activities. You can also use capital, lowercase, and cursive letters. (P. Harris)

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Story Builder for iPad: There are three levels of play. It records your answers and then stitches them together to complete narrative. If you are in the middle of the activity, you can archive what you have done and come back to it later. There are 50 distinct story lines. (P. Harris)
Mirriam-Webster Dictionary: It's free, but has small banner adds. Best as a teacher tool. (Beth Carlucci)

Boggle: The traditional game with iPad fun things like sound and "shakeability." Can be used as a single player or dual player. Once the game is over, a complete list and number of possible words is displayed. (M. Schmidt)
Grammar Up: The grammar basics at your fingertips. (M. Schmidt)
Story Kit: An electronic story maker for one or more people. (M. Schmidt)
iSentence: Build a sentence with correct grammar.(M. Schmidt)
Comic Life: Story writing using a popular genre. (M. Schmidt)


Penguin Math and MathBug: Addition and subtraction practice on different levels. (Kathy Dunn)

Count Color, Count Shapes: The students have to count and chose how many either shapes or colors they see. (Kathy Dunn)

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My Turn Mobile-Telling Time: The games consist of manipulating the hands on the clock as well as clocks that can talk. You are able to record your voice as well! This game allows you to see the digital clock along side the analog clock. There are three challanges at three levels of difficulty. (Patti Harris)

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Tell Time-LIttle Matchup Games: This was a free app that would be really good to introduce telling time. It is very kid friendly. It is simple. The games consist of matching the digital with the analog times. (Patti Harris)

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Splash Math-3rd Grade: Covers a variety of topics that are aligned with state standards for 3rd grade. Some topics included are place value, measurement, probability, fractions, time, and money. It also covers basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This is a great App because it starts off at an easy level and then the medium and harder levels are unlocked. After each question answered, the App appropriately chooses next question. (P. Harris)

added Math Bingo for free- very fun - will be great for practice with facts for tutoring and to hook into smart board. (shelia Mccorry) also added math board (interactive math chalkboard to practice operations) counting for kids, and math operations - long division ( step by step interactive long division practice )

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Digital Brainwash-Times Tables- This is more of a drill and practice for memorizing multiplication facts. You can change the range of facts and you can change the amount of questions asked. The site goes up to the 20 times tables. It can be used in place of paper mad minutes! (P. Harris)

Count... or Kids - money count is a matching game that says the coin amount when you put your finger on it and then you match it to the same coin total on the other side. At first, the coins are the same and then as the game progresses the coins change and the students need to count the coins to see the different ways the make the same values with different coins. (Sarah Grogan)

Tangram: for all ages. Many levels of difficulty (K Dunn)

Motion Math: Good for 4th grade reinforcing fractions. (K Dunn)

Rocket Math: Although a bit "gamey", kids practice a variety of basic math skills...and it's free! (Beth Carlucci)

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Right Brain Math: Times Tables for 3, 6, 7, and 9. (P. Harris)

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Tic Tac Math: You can choose between addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. This is a good App because it will allow you to pick the level of difficulty. There are 1, 2, or 3 digit numbers you can choose from to reach all levels of learners. You can also play against the computer or a friend! (P. Harris)

Domino math : Practice math facts (finding the missing addend, addition, subtraction, greater than less than, etc.) using dominoes. (r. koles)
My Math App: simple math practice app. practice for add, subt, mult,, and division. (R. Koles)

100sBoard: The standard 100s board that can be modified to suit classroom needs, i.e. covering up numbers. (M. Schmidt)

MathBingo: Solve math problems in order to fill in spaces on a Bingo board. (M. Schmidt)

MathBoard: Player can write on the board to work out a given math problem. (M. Schmidt)

Math Monkey Game: Build math skills in a fun way. This app is based on the popular game, "Angry Bird." (M. Schmidt)

Flashcards Deluxe: Customize your own flashcards in both text and audio -- great for any subject. (M. Schmidt)

Mad Math 2: (Lunch Box Apps): facts practice, bubble math, flash cards. In addition to interacting by finger tapping, kids can write numbers as well. (Beth Carlucci)

Jungle Time: telling time (digital, analog, elapsed time, etc.), allowing for a wide range of learning/grade levels. (Beth Carlucci)
Jungle Coins: money practice (Beth Carlucci)
Jungle Fractions: fraction practice (Beth Carlucci)

World Languages:

  • Speak: Translates language. (K Dunn)
  • Changing the Language of your iPad: Go to Settings, press on International, press on Language, choose any language and the Ipad will be in the chosen foreign language. (Mimi Melkonian)
  • Google with a Foreign Language: Press on Safari icon, then press on the Google search, the keyboard will show up, on the left hand side of the space tab there is the Globe logo, click on it and you will have any other language than English Keyboard on the iPad. Then you can google through the French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Latin or any other foreign country domain. (Mimi Melkonian)
  • Learn French, Learn Spanish, Learn Latin, Learn Arabic, Learn Chinese :Please type them in the App search and there are many language Apps available and choose one that can be integrated in your curriculum. (Mimi Melkonian)
  • Google Earth: A pwerful tool for all language teachers to demonstrate cultural, geographical, historical aspects of each country. (Mimi Melkonian)
  • iRecorder- Voice Memos, Audio Recorder and more: Record your language Practice Sessions, Lessons, record anything, anywhere, at any time. All entries are tagged and sorted by date. Recordings may be exported to a computer via iTunes file sharing. Easy to use and it's free.

Social Studies:

US History Timeline: Great for the third and fourth grade and older. (Kathy Dunn)

National Geographic World Atlas: In HD, NG's best maps done especially for iPad use. (M. Schmidt)
123 World Geography: Colorful maps, outlined maps, etc. for every country (M. Schmidt)
Kids Maps: Political, physical maps with information that answers such questions as What is the world's largest desert. (M. Schmidt)
Oregon Trail: The tried and true game of Westward Expansion made fun for iPad. (M. Schmidt)
Civilization Revolution: Students learn about different civilizations as they work their way through the games. (M. Schmidt)

Stack the States: learn all 50....great for our fourth graders (Beth Carlucci)

Dinoary HD DinoaryHD presents 25 different dinosaurs, from popular ones like Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops, to more obscure ones like Stygimoloch and Protoceratops. See brilliant graphics of each dinosaur, hear the sounds they may have made, learn about them and how to pronounce their names, and mutate them to build unusual new creations. You can even adopt dinosaurs and mutations, giving your adopted dinosaur their own name and description. (M Kieltyka)
Crazy Weather Written in rhyme with hilarious interactive options, this fairy tale addresses an important and difficult topic: climate change. Cute and simple, a child goes to the park in his neighborhood and realizes that something is wrong. On each page, he analyzes the situation and reaches a basic conclusion. Each page holds secrets to discover. The idea is that your child can display his curiosity, investigating and wondering at every one of them. Of course, every element has to do with the content of the story and aims to give a positive and hopeful vision of the problems we are experiencing.That's not a problem, let them hear the story recorded in your voice! It's very simple, just select "Recording Mode" and a standard recording panel will appear (rec, play, delete, etc). You can record, listen, delete and try again if you don’t like the recording. Once you have recorded every page, your children can listen to the story with your voice and learn to read at the same time. (M Kieltyka)
NASA The NASA App collects, customizes and delivers an extensive selection of dynamically updated information, images and videos from various online NASA sources in a convenient mobile package. (M Kieltyka)

Build a Skeleton: With simple controls and fun HD graphics kids will love building, rebuilding and taking apart their own skeletal creations.(M Kieltyka)

Science VL: A glossary of scientific terms and short biographies that support our science education website, http://www.visionlearning.com. All definitions link to related terms and to free, detailed science learning modules. Though geared for high school and undergraduate student's using our website, the glossary and modules are appropriate for anyone generally interested in science. Great for teachers (M Kieltyka)

iLearn Solar System iLearn SolarSystem teaches the Solar System. Stunning animations of the Solar System and the planets will capture your attention while Astronaut Ashley talks about each of them. What is unique about this application is the style of teaching, a child will learn a lot in the one to one lessons that Astronaut Ashely gives, specially since the ability to read is not required to learn about our Solar System. (M Kieltyka)

iLearn with Poko (Seasons): This science preschool app is from the developers of PBS KIDS Play. It ;ets kids 3-7 learn about seasons, weather, even months and days of the week while playing the game and having fun. (M Kieltyka)

Science Friday: A weekly science talk show, broadcast on NPR. It focuses on science topics that are in the news and brings an educated, balanced discussion to bear on the scientific issues at hand. Great for teachers. (M Kieltyka)

The Adventure of Ecobot: Say good bye to e-waste. A recycle robot has an elastic arm which is used to collect the wastes and put it inot the recycle machine. After recycling the waste turns into valuable material, if the trash is not treated correctly, it will decay slowly and turn into toxic material. (M Kieltyka)

Brain Pop: An old friend on the i pad. (M Kieltyka)

Ecosystems: Tour the California Science Center (M Kieltyka)

Butterflies: 3D butterflies in colorful scenes. Touch the screen and they land on your finger. Lift and the butterfly goes back to the scene. Touch the white butterfly in the corner to choose your favorite butterfly. (M Kieltyka)

Animal Creator Animal Creator lets you create thousands of unusual and surprising animals using pieces from a library of built-in animals. Dog-headed pig-lion? Check! Dolphin-nosed elephant-cat? Bingo! Once you've picked the pieces of your animal, Animal Creator allows you to color it; built-in features ensure that you'll never go outside the lines. A simple undo/redo interface lets you experiment and change your mind over and over. You can let Animal Creator choose a name for your animal or you can type one in yourself. You can even listen to the unique sound your animal makes. (M Kieltyka)

A Seed Grows: Leveled Reader(G)-Kindergarten to First Grade-Read about the life cycle of a plant, from a seed falling on the ground to the production of roots and leaves, and finally to the production of a new seed. The book ends with readers contemplating what will happen next. Discussion questions after the reading help build interest and comprehension. (M Kieltyka)

Who Am I Animals: Short helpful hints such as habitats, colors, sounds prompt students to guess what animal is being described. (M. Schmidt)

Star Walk: Point your iPad to the sky and see what constellations are visible in your neighborhood in real time. (M. Schmidt)
Sky Safari: Terrific images of the universe and constellations. (M. Schmidt)

Instruments in Reach Basic: Teaches the basic fingering for a variety of instruments. (M. Schmidt)