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Middle School Note-taking and Organization Apps

The Bible - Oxford Dictionary. An excellent, scholarly, and reliable dictionary of the Bible. $14.99 - Dan Favata 6/8/11
Saints - Oxford Dictionary. (The Oxford Dictionary of Saints.) An excellent, scholarly, and reliable resource on the saints. $14.99 - Dan Favata 6/8/11

History | Humanities
I have signed up at the Apple Store in the Danbury Fair mall to learn more about using the iPad. The class is at 8 a.m. on June 14. I'll let you know how it goes. Andrea Whitton 6/10/11
After the class: I learned how to take a picture and how to put images into a presentation. Lots of talk over my head about how to sync apps with other Apple devices.(Andrea 6/17/11)

Maps of War – free App. These are quick, silent presentations. Useful as a quick overview. Places highlighted on the map are not identified, and some terms would be unfamiliar to students
Maps I found somewhat useful were:
History of Religion - timeline and map showing development of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam all over the world.
Imperial History – Control of the of Middle East throughout history, starting with Egypt. (Andrea 6/17/11)
World Customs and Cultures - a free app with information about greetings, communication style, personal space and touching, eye contact, views of time, gender issues, and gestures. Useful to introduce a country. (Andrea W. 6/22)
Pandora - I created a medieval music station, which plays a variety of music from that period and for many of the pieces gives information about the composer. I could see creating an activity where pairs of students would find information on one piece. Downside would be finding the same piece! (Andrea W. 6/22)
PhotoCard Lite (free).Create and email or regular mail a postcard from images provided or from your own. It could be a fun and simple lesson for students to find an image of a person, place or object and write a short piece about it. Could also be used to send postcards from a field trip, using an image taken from on the iPad camera. Questions I have about this app include how to send the postcard via email or regular mail. In my opinion this app would also be fun if the postcards could be printed and displayed. (Andrea W. 6/28)
Maps of the World (free). There are a lot of maps that can be viewed either by era or category. Although the maps can be enlarged, it's still not that easy to see the names of the places. (Andrea W. 7/7)
PollDaddy - This app allow you to make sruveys, polls, and quizzes. I think it's also free software for a regular computer because I accessed it from my laptop. Not sure it can do anything more than we can do through Moodle, but it was free, and recommended by one of the blogs listed under iPad links. (Andrea W. 7/15)

In the process of finding Apps I tend to get sidetracked. This is not an App, but a website by the Science Channel. There are a number of short video clips from a series What the Ancients Knew. The clips are 30 seconds to around 2 minutes. There is information about a number of Roman Empire achievements (my interest) such as Cement, Aqueducts, Baths etc. There is also infomation on knowledge from the Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese and others. Here is the link (Andrea W. 7/18).

World Castles HD (.99) - Pictures and a sentence about castles from all parts of Europe and Scandinavia. Pictures can be saved to photo, email, or favorites. Drawback is there is no seach feature, so one needs to scroll through each image in the part of Europe the castle is located and hope the image you want is there. (Andrea W. 7/27)
Getty Images (free) - Search for any image you want and you will get a quick view - stamped with "Getty image." Did not set up an account to see what extras that would bring. (Andrea W. 7/27)
EverNote (free) - Should have started this app in the beginning of July! It is a notekeeping/notetaking tool. Will be learning it in more depth as the school year progresses. (Andrea W. 8/15)
iTranslate (free) - I had fun trying out words and phrases in Arabic and Italian. Could be used to "Jazz up" the history units on Islam an the Italian Renaissance. (Andrea W. 8/15)

On This Day: Important events in history by day. (M. Schmidt)
National Geographic World Atlas: The best maps the magazine has to offer adapted for iPad. (M. Schmidt)
Civilization Revolution: Students learn about different civilizations as they work through a game.(M. Schmidt)

World Languages
  • It is easy to change keyboard to different languages in iPad. However, it takes a while to input Chinese--so the "notetaker" function is not so practical. So far, I use it as a viewer to read Chinese news, animinated Chinese stories.
  • (五子登科)--animated stories about Chinese cultures, festivals, idioms, etc. --Shuefung 6/13/11.
  • Chinese LS touch ($11.99)--tools for students to practice writing characters with correct stroke order; also provide dictionary and HSK standard sets (p.s. I did not purachase the app).
  • 321Speak($9.99)--provide lessons for multiple languages (Chinese, English, Spanish etc. p.s. I did not purachase the app).--Shuefung 6/23/11
  • 写 trainchinese Chinese Writer (Free but with limited characters. Add character set--$0.99 ea) -- a fantastic game that students can practice stroke order, either by self or as a race with teams if we have more than one iPad in classroom. Can't believe my kids just love it and keep playing with it! --Shuefung 7/1/11
  • Home Design 3D ($5.99) -- This is the best tool I found so far for students to design their room in the "My house" unit. Students can easily put on window/door, furniture, move, rotate, change size, paint all with your fingers. It even shows 3D structure (a little too fancy). Students can then use target language to present the room to the class. Useful for all world languages.--Shuefung 7/8/11.
  • There are times that this HOME DESIGN Apps messed up. I could not open a 2D view of design that I created. But 3D view is working--Shuefung 7/13/11.
  • Chinese Spelling Bee (free) from IQChinese--Good exercise for recognize characters (read and type pinyin) and pinyin practice (listen and type)--Shuefung 7/13/11.

Any Language:
  • Changing the Language of your iPad: Go to Settings, press on International, press on Language, choose any language and the Ipad will be in the chosen foreign language. (Mimi Melkonian)
  • Google with a Foreign Language: Press on Safari icon, then press on the Google search, the keyboard will show up, on the left hand side of the space tab there is the Globe logo, click on it and you will have any other language than English Keyboard on the iPad. Then you can google through the French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Latin or any other foreign country domain. (Mimi Melkonian)
  • Learn French, Learn Spanish, Learn Latin, Learn Arabic, Learn Chinese : Please type them in the App search and there are many language
Apps available and choose one that can be integrated in your curriculum. (Mimi Melkonian)
  • Google Earth: A pwerful tool for all language teachers to demonstrate cultural, geographical, historical aspects of each country. (Mimi Melkonian)
  • iRecorder- Voice Memos, Audio Recorder and more: Record your language Practice Sessions, Lessons, record anything, anywhere, at any
time. All entries are tagged and sorted by date. Recordings may be exported to a computer via iTunes file sharing. Easy to use and it's free. (Mimi Melkonian)

-France 24: Wonderful to hear French in context. Offers latest daily national and international TV news as well as articles linked to a world map. All subjects: politics, economy, culture, etc. (Veronique Baloup-Kovalenko)
-TV5Monde: Learn French with 7 jours sur la planete. On a weekly basis, offers several news clips with a list of vocabulary that pertains to them. Also has exercises linked to the vocab of these clips. For age 12+. Not all subjects are appropriate. Again wonderful to get used to hear French and to learn vocabulary in context. (Veronique Baloup-Kovalenko)
-Hello Hello French. $ 14.99 -Created by ACTFL. Great app. 3 levels with many lessons. Dialogues, scripts, pronunciation and voice recording, writing of what you hear, vocabulary build-up with alternative words and expressions and opportunity to communicate with native speakers through audio, video and text with liveChat. (Veronique B-K)
-Hot Radio France. Free. Has all the regular French radio channels and more. (France Culture, France Musique, RTL, etc) (Veronique B-K)

MS SCIENCE (Donna Minafra, 6th grade Science)
I downloaded for 99 cents the Human Body App developed by nth Fusion. It is the equivalent of having a middle school textbook on the human body organs. This application covers 18 body organs. For each organ, it teaches the following: the location of the organ, cool facts about the organ, the various subsections of the organ, the function of the various parts of the organ and how each part relates to the overall body function, the problems that can arise if the organ does not function properly, how to keep the organ healthy and the app reviews a few questions about the organ for students to explore and research further. The app has an audio component and the pages can be read to the student. The graphics are vivid and accurate. I really enjoy working with it and I believe the students would enjoy using this application to learn about the human body organs.

Muscles: Explore human muscles. Location, action, structure etc....(M Kieltyka)

3D Cell Stain: Stain your own cell. Create your perfectly labeled flourescent cell-can be printed. (M Kieltyka)

NASA The NASA App collects, customizes and delivers an extensive selection of dynamically updated information, images and videos from various online NASA sources in a convenient mobile package. (M Kieltyka)

Build a Skeleton With simple controls and fun HD graphics kids will love building, rebuilding and taking apart their own skeletal creations (M Kieltyka)

Bone Scan Bob In Bone Scan Bob, you're presented with random bones to identify. Just touch the skeleton in the correct location. The correct bone is highlighted and you proceed to the next one. Stumped? Go ahead! Press the "Bone Scan" button. Bob glows an eerie green, his eyes roll around in their sockets, and the correct bone location is revealed for you -- complete with sound effects fit for a Frankenstein movie! (M Kieltyka)

Science Glossary A glossary of scientific terms and short biographies that support our science education website, All definitions link to related terms and to free, detailed science learning modules. Though geared for high school and undergraduate student's using our website, the glossary and modules are appropriate for anyone generally interested in science. (M Kieltyka)

iLearn Solar System iLearn SolarSystem teaches the Solar System. Stunning animations of the Solar System and the planets will capture your attention while Astronaut Ashley talks about each of them. What is unique about this application is the style of teaching, a child will learn a lot in the one to one lessons that Astronaut Ashely gives, specially since the ability to read is not required to learn about our Solar System. (M Kieltyka)

Grand Tour Replicating the solar-system, and its major moons in stunning detail, Grand Tour will let you zip about the solar-system at will and see the sights as they would look like at this very moment. View the planets and their moons from any angle with a simple flick of your finger, planetary positions calculated and updated continuously, real-time cloud images for the earth, updated every 3 hours, constellation names and outlines, animate the motions of other worlds forward or backwards, detailed descriptions of each world. (M Kieltyka)

Planets: A 3D guide to the solar system for aspiring astronomers. (M Kieltyka)
Exploding stars, nebulae, etc. in real time
Compass for iPad (M Kieltyka)

Google Earth: you can fly to far corners of the planet with just the swipe of a finger. Explore the same global satellite and aerial imagery available in the desktop version of Google Earth, including high-resolution imagery for over half of the world's population and a third of the world's land mass. (M Kieltyka)

Science Friday: A weekly science talk show, broadcast on NPR. It focuses on science topics that are in the news and brings an educated, balanced discussion to bear on the scientific issues at hand. Great for teachers. (M Kieltyka)

Disaster Alert: (Pacific Disaster Center's World Disaster Alerts) provides a listing and an interactive map of active hazards occuring around the globe. Additional hazard information can be veiwed and shared. (M Kieltyka)

Buzz Aldrin Portal to Science: Up to date science and space news with a great interface. (M. Schmidt)
Supernova: Exploding stars and nebulae (M. Schmidt)
Mythbusters HD: (M. Schmidt)
Popular Science: (M. Schmidt)
The Elements: A Visual Exploration: The Periodic Table of the Elements with beautiful images of the constituents. (M. Schmidt)
3D Brain and 3D cell and Pocket Heart: Three different apps that present part of the human body in interative 3D, rotating, zooming in, etc. (M. Schmidt)
Monster Anatomy: Amazingly detailed 3D images of the human body. (M. Schmidt)
iLab: Take and keep notes. Includes timers. (M. Schmidt)
10,500+ Cool Facts: The name says it all--amuse yourself and your students. (M. Schmidt)

7th Grade Earth Science
Astronomy and Space (Life on Mars)
Humans have long gazed at the Planet Mars and wondered if life existed on it. It started in folklore, and was eventually evidenced with early astronomy showing what looked like canal systems and even a monolithic face on the planet. While these look to be natrual phenomenon, humanity's search has shifted to other possible forms of life that may have or may still exist. This eBook explores what is known about Life on Mars and gives you all the facts so that you can come to your own conclusions. You'll have all the information you need to have an informed opinion on this topic. (Winifred Osagie)
DVD: NOVA - Mars, Dead or Alive (
NASA gambles on two rovers sent to determine if the red planet ever had conditions suitable for life. NOVA Season 31 Episode 1 (Winifred Osagie)
Earth's Structure (Earthquakes) QuakeWatch by LateNightProjects
QuakeWatch has been the most popular earthquake app in the App Store, reaching the App Store Top 100 multiple times and reaching #1 in the Paid News category in the US and over 20 other countries. It is a feature-rich reference guide to the latest magnitude 1.0 and larger earthquakes from around the world as provided by seven worldwide sources including the US Geological Survey and the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre. Find out when they happened, where they happened, how big they were, and more. All in an easy-to-use interface! The key features of QuakeWatch include: • A world map view of reported earthquakes over the past week. Pan and zoom the map to focus on hot spots and click the details button to see the quake report. • Sort the listing by the 100 most recent earthquakes. • Sort by the largest earthquakes over the past week. • Sort by the closest earthquakes to your location and see the distance and bearing from your position. • Sort by earthquakes nearest to a place anywhere on the earth that you easily specify. Great for tracking quakes near family members. Shows the distance and bearing from them. (Winifred Osagie)

Ecology and the Environment (Building a Dam)
Managing Water in the West US Department of the Interior. Bureau of Reclamation
The Water Resources Planning and Operations Support Group provides technical services to decision makers on water resources planning, reservoir and river system operations, water supply issues, surface water and ground water uses, water quality issues, watershed hydrology, water and land resources development, and suitability assessments. The professional staff includes hydraulic engineers, hydrologists, agricultural engineers, environmental engineers, geologists, physical scientists, and engineering technicians. (Winifred Osagie)

The Diversity of Life (Feeding Adaptations) Qwiki ipad app. Arthropod mouthparts
This video documentary features the history and evolution of arthropod mouthparts. Arthropod mouthparts are now modified for cutting, chewing, piercing, sucking, siphoning, and filtering. The basic elements of four arthropod groups are discussed - insects, myriapods, crustaceans and chelicerates (Winifred Osagie)

Unit Converesion Pro: Convert currency, measurements, and more quickly and easily. (M. Schmidt)
Space Time for iPad Solve and graph all kinds of problems using colorful manipulatives. (M. Schmidt)
Flashcard Deluxe: Customize your own flashcards in audio and text. (M. Schmidt)